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The Open Book project explores what sustainist values, such as connectedness, sharing, localism and proportionality, could do to transform social design thinking and practice.

Looking at design through the lens of sustainism exposes and amplifies those design practices that are both socially and ecologically sustainable. Let's meaningfully shape our design for social innovation and kickstart the reframing of the social design agenda.

Join Open Book

Your contributions to this website will add up to a primer for sustainist design that will showcase how the practice of social design may benefit from a sustainist perspective. Open Book for Sustainist Design is being developed in an open editorial process, incorporating ideas and examples offered by leading social design thinkers and drawing on the ideas that you share with us here. We ask you, designers and non-designers, to contribute your ideas for sustainist design, both existing and new.

The Open Book project is initiated by The Beach in collaboration with Michiel Schwarz and funded by DOEN Foundation and Mondriaan Fund.
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