Designer in Social Context

Working period of 3 months

Are you someone between 20 and 30 years old, with a background in art, design, or a relevant scientific discipline, and are you looking to gain experience working in a local context? Then we're looking for you! We invite you to apply for a 3 month working period as a Designer in Social Context in our neighbourhood in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. With our support, you'll be doing artistic research in the local context and developing your project, idea or business plan.

Buurtmakers Festival 2017

Designer in Social Context

With Designer in Social Context The Beach offers a programme for design and making in a local context (or as we call it, sustainist design) and for the development and sharing of sustainist design knowhow. We're offering places for people to use our workshop, attend masterclasses and training sessions and access our network of artists, designers, and various creative makerspaces.

The Beach, along with its network, supports driven makers and researchers - at most four at a time - in their artistic / design research in a local context and develop projects. At the same time we will work together in the continuous development of sustainist design vision and practice.

We ask participants to log their activities in a blog and to organise a small public event once a month in order to form meaningful connections with different local groups and to explore the efficacy of their idea or project. Aside from this, we want to work together in reporting the process and results of your work in our local context in a concluding publication. The period of work for designers in social context starts with an initial presentation of your ideas and ends with an exhibition at The Beach where you'll present your publication.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

We're participating the ide Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme, in which new and experienced entrepreneurs from different countries can share knowhow. If you live in one of these countries (except for those within in Kingdom of the Netherlands) then you can be part of this exchange programme. The EU offers financial support (830 per month) for travel and living expenses; we will help you in applying to the programme.

We offer:

  • A working period of at least 3 months, 2 days a week
  • Access to the netwerk and knowhow of The Beach
  • Use of our workshop
  • A presentation / exhibition at the end of your project
  • Budget for travel- and construction expenses (max €500 per person)
  • Training in social and locally embedded design
  • 3 masterclasses in sustainism and sustainist design (from vision to execution)
  • We do not offer accomodation


  • An engaged and driven designer, maker or researcher
  • With a background in design, art or social sciences
  • 20 - 30 years old
  • Good social- and networking skills
  • independent with an entrepreneurial mindset

What should your idea or project look like?

We select ideas and projects based on the necessity of the themes they tackle, the quality of the plan and based on how well they fit with the sustainist design vision and our practice.

  • They contribute to meaningful connections based on inclusivity and reciprocality
  • They concern themselves with the complexity and interdependence of issues in the local context
  • They enable local communities to develop into strong networks connected by meaning
  • They revolve around the development of new artistic forms with contribute to socially sustainable cultural development
  • They put socially engaged forms of design on the map by sharing sustainist design knowhow

How to apply

Send an e-mail to, containing:

  • Your CV
  • Your date of birth (we're looking for people between 20 and 30 years old)
  • A short description of your work (what field you work in, what fascinates you)
  • If applicable, your portfolio or a couple of images of your work
  • A short description of the project or idea you would like to work on as designer in social context
  • Your motivation for participating in the programme
  • Be succinct!

For questions, contact

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