Workshops for juniors

Part of: Makers Festival 2010, Living Labs

Juniors can experience themselves what it is like to make something, and that crafts are valuable and contemporary. Juniors from Amsterdam Nieuw-West are invited to participate in workshops, an exquisite opportunity to collaborate with professional designers and explore their own talents.


Goal of Gangmakers
• Playful introductions to technical and creative occupations
• Create new connections between schools and practical situations
• Designing and making > make ideas concrete


  • Healthy Snackbar
  • Buurtmedia
  • Kindermuseum
  • Jubileummuseum (ism Merkelbachschool)
  • Re-take (ism Calvijn college & Erik Alkema)
  • Brood bakken
  • Robots bouwen
  • Makers Unite


  • Kindermuseum
  • Energiespeellandschap
  • Brood bakken
  • Hutten bouwen

Gangmakers Proeftuin
Opening Speelpodium
Windinstrumenten maken met Steim
Muziek hacken met Steim

Reinvent your neighbourhood
Media Makers
• Puppetshow

Gangmakers Atelier: afternoons filled with creative making for juniors from Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
Hamburgermovie:With artist Yohannes Nerajo, students from the Dutch Film Academy Micha de Graaf & Amber Arian, designers Diana Krabbendam & Mira de Graaf.

Wild West with chef and artist Sjim Hendrix, alias the King of Obesibar.

Play Smart with fashion designers Anne Rodermond and Anneloes Ouwehand,
SuperUse with architects Elmo Vermijs and Dirk Overduin,
Making posters with graphic designer Willem van de Ven.

Join Gangmakers?
Is your school interested in projects in which pupils are challenged to conceive, design and make something within a short time frame? We offer tailor-made workshops, with topics ranging from food to media, sports, mobility, construction, fashion and so on.