Helpdesk supporting multicultural areas

Media4Me is a national helpdesk, located in various European countries, which supports multicultural areas to develop a comprehensive intercultural media appraoch in the area. It aims to connect and to empower organizations, institutions and active citizens working in multicultural neighbourhoods in order to promote intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and citizenship.


Foto: Frank Blom


Media4ME aims not to reinvent the wheel but to learn from the experiences of others and to make use of experience and facilities already available in the multicultural areas.


Media4ME maps national and international good practices of the practical and social use of media in multicultural neighbourhoods. The examples are shared on the Media4ME website and are actively introduced to stakeholders in neighbourhoods by the Media4ME helpdesk.


Media4ME creates strategic partnerships of stakeholders in neighbourhoods by using the Social Media Game. In cooperation it develops comprehensive action plans for neighbourhoods to introduce the use of intercultural social media to support the process of intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and countering the negative portrayal of neighbourhoods. The actionplans are based on binding and bonding of stakeholders in the neighbourhoods and on co-creation of existing good practice.


• Mira Media, the Netherlands
• ARSIS, Greece
• Centro Zaffiria, Italy
• Centre for Social Inclusion, Cheshire Faculty. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
• Grupo Comunicar, Spain
• JFC Mediemzentrum, Germany
• Laboratori Mitjans, University of Barcelona, Spain
• School of Arts of Stockholm,Sweden
• Utrecht Centre for the Art UCK, the Netherlands
• XenoMedia, Spain

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