Volunteering as Sustainable Business

Gioconomics brings together a voluntary organisation in Naples and three international designers, to explore ways to develop social enterprise. The aim is to create a transferrable working method that will also enable other voluntary organisations to develop into a social business.

Prototyping a strategic project planning tool for theatre productions

While taking part in the international Social Innovation Competition Naples 2.0 designers Jonas Piet(NL), Mylene Jonker(NL) and Vincenzo di Maria(IT) took up the challenge to create a sustainable business plan for Naples based volunteering organisation Gioco Immagine e Parole (Gioco), an organisation that develops social cultural productions to emancipate young people.
'Gioconomics' refers to the organisation and what they do but also means 'playing with economy' ánd is based on the creative and collaborative process. Jonas Piet, Vincenzo di Maria, Mylene Jonker and a local 'design team' of 4 (people from Gioco) collaboratively set up the Gioconomics initiative.
Having won €7.500,- during Naples 2.0 Competition, Gioconomics aims to co-create a sustainable business plan in partnership with the Naples-based volunteering organisation that for 15 years has been developping socially-minded theater, drawing on the experiences and talents of local young people, to emancipate and empower those same young people.
The team will be using design methodology to grow Gioco -while iterating and prototyping different solutions to see what works- from an organization which runs mainly on goodwill, into a sustainable social business that can continue to deliver its mission, despite a strained economic context. They are working with one of Gioco’s theatre productions-in-progress, aiming to get more people involved and to experiment with monetising the (social) value in different ways. In the “co-creation” or “Wiki-way” model all members become users and co-operators, with the intention to reach a wider audience, receive more diverse contributions, and have more (financial and non-financial) resources, ultimately causing the work
volunteers do to have more effect.

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