Change the way you think, buy, wear and discuss fashion


The UK based design magazine i-D and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion collaborate in i-Sustain, a monthly magazine about how individuality and self expression can co-exist with a collective conscience. As is stated on the i-D website: "The concept of applying a collective set of values that look beyond aesthetic concerns, seems to be an unacceptable limitation but who made the rule that brilliance can’t thrive within boundaries."

Since it's launch in May 2011, i-Sustain has looked at a variety of designers who make a small but significant contribution to transforming the fashion landscape. Each one presents a challenge to conventional thinking, alerting us to new possibilities and exploring new relationships that change how we design, make and wear our clothes.

One example presented by i-Sustain is White Tent, a fashion design collective started by Evgenia Tabokova, a Russian Central Saint Martin’s graduate, and Pedro Noronha-Feio, a Portuguese graduate of London College of Fashion. The designers understood from the outset that a reliable manufacturing base is the bread and butter of a successful fashion business; however they were also looking for a partnership that reflected their values in terms of design, quality and working practices.

First steps towards sustainst fashion design?

Fashion industry has huge impact on how we live together. I think it is great that i-D magazine and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion take effort in debate on how fashion design can influence the values that drives this industry. In the example of White Tent the subject of 'collaboration' is brought to the table. It makes a good start with including sustainist values like sharing, proportionality and localism (local production connected to the global world of fashion).