Mogu 2020

Ideas for Mogadishu, city in conflict

“What can be done to improve life in Mogadishu in the coming 10 years?” A good question, put forward by youngsters from the Somali community in the Netherlands, aptly named Karti (Nerve). The organization’s challenge was answered with an operational plan by 12N.


Photo borrowed from 12N website

The Somali civil war broke out in 1986. The Islamic tribunals were commenced in 2006. Five years later, in 2011 the youth department of the Dutch/Somali Karti foundation opted for a different approach – to put aside power, politics, weapon-mongering and diplomatic calls for peace, albeit for a while. To let go of these painful subjects, just like the land itself, which – however damaged – is simply moving on.

Urban Plan Mogadishu
Frans Werter and Fulco Treffers of 12N Architects worked with five members of Karti – Ahmed Abdisalaam, Ismael Moalim, Mohamed Elmi, Khalid Mohamed and Raha Omar – on an analysis of Mogadishu. The assignment brought several productive socio-economic topics to the surface – productive elements, intended to get things moving, to offer people space and imagination with which to strengthen their search for normal, everyday routine:
Approach – opinionated, armed with nerve and perseverance. Independent, but with a good feel for the political context
Network – local and international
Roots – Linked with the city, culture and history
Place/Time – making use of the lull (in space and time), building on infrastructure
Money – variety of sources
Knowledge – quality of work, high (international) knowledge levels.