The Apple

The Apple is a contemporary art institution in Amsterdam New West that presents leading contemporary art, offers a platform for art and debate and develops different activities.

The Apple organizes exhibitions, performances, filmscreenings, lectures and gatherings. They operate from an experimental, open and inclusive approach and is conscious of the cultural diversity of the contemporary society. The programme serve the intellectually and emotionally curious, (non-) specialized art enthusiasts as well as seasoned art professionals. The apple operates between the boundaries of the arts and other disciplines and with their programme they want to contribute tot he artistic and socially relevent dialogues. To make this happen they work together with various cultural and societal organizations, both in Amsterdam and beyond. The organization is home to a world-renowned curatoral programme ed houses an extensive archive and library of their own history. The apple is continuiusly developing its programs and goals in order to remain critical towards its changing societal and cultural contexts.