OBA Maakplaats

Maakplaats 021 is a network of makerspaces that can be found in various locations of the OBA, the public library of Amsterdam. Here, children and youth from the neighborhod can develop their creative and digital skills.

Maakplaats 021 is a network of public makerspaces in various locations of the OBA. Children and youth come here to learn about design, co-creation, experimenting and developing. The number 021 is a symbol of the 21st centurt skills. They operate from the idea that you can learn by making. In the activities is special attention for digital-making and placemaking in the city. Together they discover and think about smart sollutions fot problems of the city. In this way, the OBA becomes a place where children and youth can come to develop skills that fit the contemporary society.


21st century skills

Technology is becoming a big part of our daily life. Most of our activities are dependent on technology. At the same time it becomes less and less clear. To stay on top of the fast moving development it is necessary to teach the younger generation the skills of this time. At the Maakplaats 021 children and youth learn among other things 3D-printing, laser cutting and computer programming.