Van Eesteren Museum

Van Eesteren Museum is situated at Sloterplas and shows visitors the culture-historical heritage, made by urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren, who designed the garden towns of Amsterdam New West. The Beach has had a few collaborations with the museum, and sees the connection as a huge valuable that can enlarge the cultural impact in Amsterdam.

Van Eesteren Museum has an inside musuem, an outside area and a 1950s house. The work of Van Eesteren is that is shown is one of the highlights of post-war urban planning and architecture in Amsterdam. In New West, Buitenveldert and other parts of the city, the special and spatial planning is still present. The museum organises different activities, including walks, excursions and meetings. Van Eesteren Museum has developed into a appreciated platform for talks and debates about the urban developments of Amsterdam.

Noordzijde 31, 1064 GV

T 020-4471857