Leoniek Bontje

Artist, wild picker and herbalist

Leoniek is an artist, wild picker and herbalist and is engaged with edible and medicinal plants since 2012. In 2016, during her education with vary international herbalists, she co-found the organisation The Outside Kitchen (De Buitenkeuken), together with nutrition coach Yvet Noordermeer. They organise workshops wild picking and cooking and teach how to recognize the most common edible plants, and how to use them. Together with the Wilde Chefs, she is doing research on cultural diversity of the recipes of local chefs. Leoniek is also working together with The Beach to get the knowledge and explenation about medicinal plants in public spaces from Mediamatic to New-West. Besides this she is also working on diverse art projects, together with Teun Castelein en Fred Foundation that shows different perspectives on a healthy lifestyle.