How to plant your idea

Part of: Plant your idea in Wieland

To participate in our art hub, you need to come to our plot of land in the Tuinen van West and plant your idea on location. See it as a good reason to get out of the house in these times. If you really can't come to Wieland you can also send us an e-mail (see step 6).

Step 1

Come to Wieland. You'll find our plot of land (75 by 55 meters) in the Tuinen van West, at the crossroads of the Tom Schreursweg and the Joris van den Berghweg (coordinates: 52°22'51.8"N 4°46'53.5"E). Don't forget to bring your own drawing utensils - markers work best on the wooden signs we provide.

Kaartje Wieland beter

Step 2

Draw or write your project idea on one of the empty wooden signs on the fence along the Joris van den Berghweg. Try your best to show what the project would look like, what interaction people would have with it, and why this would be interesting.

Step 3

Add any contact details you're comfortable with sharing. It'll make it easier for us or for other who read your idea to reach you fro collaboration or compliments.

Step 4

Read some of the other plans; there might be something there that you're interested in as well. If a plan ties into yours really well, you can attach your signs to each other using the red thread provided on location. We can then see what kind of collaboration would be possible.

Step 5

take a picture of your sign and send it to us by posting it on Instagram using #PlantJePlan. If you don't have Instagram, just mail it to us and we'll post it for you!

Step 6

If your plan is more developed and you want to share more than just a drawing on a sign, you can send it to us via Describe in your e-mail what you still need our help with, so we can help you more effectively. If you're unable to come to Wieland, please attach an image and a short description, so that we can post them on our Instagram.

Step 7

We'll share your picture on our Instagram and react to it. We'll try to find out what we can do to help you, ask questions, and see if we can connect you to possible collaborators.

Step 8

During the Tuinen van West Fest we'll organise a harvest festival, where the ideas planted now are harvested by them being presented to all the attendees. After the harvest festival some of the projects will be realised on our plot of land.

The rules

Because of the coronavirus outbreak we have a couple of rules for planting:

  1. Bring your own writing utensils to prevent cross contamination
  2. Stay at a distance from each other and don't cross the fence - the bulls grazing on Wieland can be dangerous
  3. Make sure to wash your hands upon return

June 1st is the deadline for entry; in the afternoon we'll come and pick up all the signs. You can still e-mail us afterwards, but there is no guarantee we'll have time to help you.

We strongly believe the world is better when we share our ideas, which is why we help you develop yours in a public place rather than behind closed doors. Your idea is still yours though; we will keep track of who first came up with what.


e-mail or call 020 6385908