Where Media Architecture Meets Civic Interaction Design

Diana Krabbendam is speaking aFirst Michiel Schwarz will introduce sustainist culture and what it implies for design. Diana will focus on how co-design – with / in community – at The Beach builds on the sustainist ethos and what it means to co-design with youth in Studio Osdorperban. Would you like to attend?

MAB20 Livecast #4 | Where Media Architecture Meets Civic Interaction Design

About the event

What role can media architecture play in activating public spaces and engaging audiences around issues of communal concern?

For the 4th edition of the MAB live cast, a group of multidisciplinary speakers is invited to discuss media architecture through the lens of civic interaction design.

What role can media architecture and new technologies play in the representation of social themes and in the organisation of public debate and public spaces? How can media architecture be used in engagement processes and to which new forms of social organisation could it contribute? And how can the design of digital media contribute to improving the interaction between citizens and institutions?

Nancy Odendaal – Associate Professor: City and Regional Planning at University of Cape Town
Eric Gordon – Director and Professor, Engagement Lab at Emerson College
Michiel Schwarz – Sustainism Lab, co-creator of the Sustainism manifesto
Diana Krabbendam – Co-Founder & Director of The Beach Foundation
Mouna Andraos – Co-founder of art and design studio Daily Tous Les Jours

Martijn de Waal – Professor (lector) of the research group Civic Interaction Design and MAB20 General Chair

The Livecast is organized by Pakhuis de Zwijger and The Media Architecture Biennale 20 (MAB20), which will take place on June 28th – July 2nd, 2021 in an online format. MAB is an international forum exploring media architecture, urban interaction design, and urban informatics. It brings together architects, artists, designers, academics, policymakers, and industry stakeholders from around the globe. Together, they explore the design and role of media in the built environment and its implications for urban communities and ecosystems.

Image Credits: Musical Swings, Daily Tous Les Jours. Photo by Jay Fenech.