My waste is your waste

Exhibition and temporary design studio at Museu da casa Brasileira in São Paulo


Musea da Casa Brasileira
Av. Faria Lima, 2705 Jardim Paulistano, Sao Paolo

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For some, working with waste is a necessity. For others, a conscious challenge..

My waste is your waste is an exhibition and a temporary design studio at Museu da Casa Brasileira in São Paulo where three Dutch and three Brazilian designers / artists will work for a week with waste as an umbrella theme. They will do this in a setting accessible to the public. Each member of the studio has already worked with waste as personal research and is given the space to show it in an exhibition. The results of the joint design sessions, questions and comments are taken directly to the exhibition and shared with the public. Lectures and debates will also be organized.

Interested? We are looking for designers / artists who have been working with waste. Students are excluded from participation. Write a short motivation with a link to your work on waste and send it to: Joanna van der Zanden,

There is a limited fee and a budget to present your work. Travel and accommodation are also provided. The selection is made by both curators.

Deadline to subscribe: Monday, August 27th 2012.

Curated by Joanna van der Zanden, Mara Gama

Partners: Moti (NL), Museu da Casa Brasileira (BR) and Central de Cultura.