Money Lab

Workshop 1: 10.00 - 12.00

Christian Nold and Jaromil Rojo talk about local currencies. Presentation is followed by an informal brainstorming and exploration session about possibilities for ‘local money’ in neighbourhoods.

Bijlmer euro

In this Money Lab workshop participants start their exploration from the neighbourhood of Garage Notweg as a place of social, cultural and economic contact and exchange. The idea is to focus on local money as a social medium for people, and to define a localized activity that shapes, represents and sustains a social-geographical area.
Smaken van West, a small market of local food producers, is our partner in testing ‘local value’ concepts and ideas. One of the ideas will be presented at November 5th at the Makers Festival.

Money Lab is a research platform by Waag Society, Christian Nold and Jaromil Rojo.