Lena Shafir

I have developed as a designer thanks to the visual arts, philosophy and curiosity. That input has led me to the view that the detail is of the essence, an inexhaustible source of observation, creativity and communication. The large is contained in the small, with the advantage that the small is everywhere present – provided you are prepared to notice it and be confronted by it.

The extremely important pixel

For convenience sake I call the small a pixel, today’s indivisible digital unit of measurement.

There are innumerable pixels, innumerable languages, innumerable approaches.
Look and listen to the pixel – the pixel is everywhere. Enjoy the pixel’s humour. It possesses all the colours and sounds, is extremely rich, costs nothing and depends on the interpretation of the receiver.

What I want is to look at the pixel’s versatility again and again, to feel wonder and to share my wonder with others.