Théâtre Évolutif

Evento 2011: L'art pour re-evolution urbaine

Redesign of public space of the Place Andre Meunier in Bordeaux, which was appropriated by residents as an open house of the neighborhood.

'Théâtre Évolutif'

Théâtre Évolutif' at Place André Meunier in the Saint-Michel neighbourhood of Bordeaux enacts a form of coexistence between the architectural structure (Chantier architectural) and the social structure (Chantier social). The project is organized around three cycles: the dynamic cycle of citizenship, the human water cycle, and the bio-dynamic cycle. The residents of Saint-Michel, having articulated in a Charter their vision of a sustainable city in which people are the most valuable resource, participate in the design and use of the 'open roof' area in the public space. Théâtre Évolutif is a pilot project that tests a bottom-up approach to the design of the city at a time when the neighbourhood is expected to be gentrified. Among other things, the open roof structure symbolizes one of the basic architectural archetypes - 'A man is a tree is a column for the house' - and suggests that the Saint-Michel residents are themselves the pillars of their neighbourhood. The project includes a water-supply infrastructure that features a drinking-water station and open toilet for the public.

Location: Place André Meunier, Bordeaux.

Project by Marjetica Potrc and Ooze (Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg), in collaboration with Bureau d'Etudes.

Supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC Aquitaine), Xylofutur, Bricorelais, and the Mondriaan Foundation.