Makers Unite goes to Brazil

The Power of Co-Creativity and How to Innovate Against the Odds.

This coming weekend Makers Unite will be joining Festival Path 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We will be talking about our story and how co-creativity turns crisis into opportunities.

Festival Path - MU - Thami

Co-creativity has the power to bridge gaps in times of adversity. While opinions in a polarized society grow more and more apart, every moment of crisis is an opportunity for success. This talk will tell the story of Makers Unite and how to turn negative public opinion into new opportunities for understanding using the power of co-creation.

Started during the heat of the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Makers Unite brings newcomers and locals to get to know each other while creating art, products and events together.

Winner of the Refugee Challenge organized by What Design Can Do, UNCHR and Ikea Foundation; Makers Unite is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam that finds new opportunities for integration through innovative methods based on co-creativity, social design and sustainability. 

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