Manifest DESIRE @ Wildeman


Designing a social and inclusive living environment needs a value based civic design process.

This living environment includes social housing, public space, networks and ecologies that are interconnected.

The Wildeman neighborhood civic design principles entail:

It is collaborative, local and connecting

We co-design bottom-up and WITH residents. NOT FOR residents. This hyperlocal design for a neighborhood connects to system change. It contributes to designing the future city. Therefor we invite stakeholders in urban development to find commonalities and ways of execution.

It makes places for engaging and embracing diversity

We create places for bringing different perspectives and insights together. This is indispensable to build trust, encourage curiosity and enable open minds. Making these places are based on equivalence - not equality – and facilitate everyone being an expert and a designer on his / her own terms. From professionals it requires modesty and realism.      

It is social and sustainable

Defining what this means to the Wildeman community needs dialogue and a learning environment for bringing it into practice. Questions will be raised like: how might we connect sustainability & circularity with justice & social sustainability? When we fail to make connections, it undermines the general concept of sustainability. Social sustainability and fair justice are conditions to make it work.

It is a making process

It is about the process of making together without measuring pre-established results. The process is based on continuity, it is value-driven and balances guarding values and concrete results. Our approach naturally focuses on both.

It creates ownership

By taking residents seriously and including them in the process, ownership is created. Residents feel responsible for and involved in the process. As a result, agreements can be made and everyone has rights but also obligations. Reciprocity is the joint contribution to possibilities and motivation.

It is shareable

Our approach starts local to take responsibility for achievements in the Wildeman neighborhood. At the same time we contribute to desiging a desirable irresistible society by sharing our practices and networks for spreading our know HOW. 



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