Sharing as a design challenge

Workshop @ PICNIC 2012


How might we design for sharing?
During a workshop hosted by The Beach @ PICNIC '12 the 25 participants at the workshop showed that this question belongs in the design brief for example to tackle serious problems in the family care in the United Kingdom.

A photo report and some notes from Design for Sharing workshop @ PICNIC 18th of September 2012.

Group 1
Report by Luciana Annunziata (São Paulo)
- Forge relationships between business and communities.
- Community-led, business sponsored
- Business pay for projects formulated by/with communities.
- Design challenges whereby business have responsibility to serve communities.
- Educational projects?

Group 2
- Context/focus: 170 thousand “troubled families” in UK
- create/design an online platform for different agencies to work together more smartly in solving the problems (now the often work past one another)
- share! Share insights, share what is learned.

Group 3
- Shared transportation in cities
- Give up (private) ownership
- Design a shift to common transport modes and shared responsibilities
- Collective problem solving (business, community)

Group 4
- design system to re-distribute surpluses (of goods?)
- design “bridges” (between haves and have-nots?)
- re- engage people

Group 5
- share public spaces
- how can public space actively designed for sharing?
(ms: public space is often not shared space)

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