Tuinen van West Fest

Celebrate the harvest on the 25th of September

Part of: Tuinstadslab, Rural labs

The Tuinen van West Fest is a late summer festival in the Tuinen van West in Amsterdam. We celebrate the harvest with local products, art, musical performances, bites and drinks. This year we make another feast with artists and farmers. Together they offer a program for all ages! With the theme 'bewaar me' (‘keep me’) we explore cultural values of the rural and what it means to the city. By making, tasting, playing and dancing.

An innovative festival concept
The Tuinen van West (Gardens of West) is a dynamic and creative environment on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It is the perfect place to experience the rural for young and old. A successful first edition of the Tuinen van West Fest in 2015 hosted no less than 3,000 people. It revealed the need for a festival where art, sustainability, farming and city-life comes together. This year focus is on ‘how to preserve’ in a broad sense: from fermenting to storytelling.

Tuinen van West Fest offers a diverse program in de Fruittuin van West and Mijn Stadstuin with performances and creative workshops, a local foodmarket and live music. 

Join workshops, play along, enjoy food and music
At Tuinen van West Fest people can enjoy and participate. Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof hosts a maker space for making bread and beer, a herbarium of local plants, forging new stuff with old metals. Learn to spin wool with Makers Unite; take a dip in a hot tub heated in a naturally. Use local energy from the biomeiler; take a walk with a local poet or lissen to stories of the Human Library. Children can join the performance from NT Jong, build shelters or join Terragon’s media hub.

Taste a variety of dishes on the local foodmarket. Specific attention is paid to the preservation and re-use of food. Local chefs give demonstrations and workshops. Settle down at the stage where singer-songwriters, storytellers and bands take you to other worlds. With, among others, Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra: Karima el Filali, Matt Winson, Spix Macaw, Carly E., DJ Voxstrot. The closing performance by the Syrian band Daff brings oriental and western sounds to a higher dimension.

And don’t forget picking fruit, collecting eggs, moving your hips with hula hoops, listening to Silent Disco Poetry between the fruit trees...

Tuinen van West Fest 2016
Sunday 25th of September, 12.00 – 20.00
Tom Schreursweg 48, 1067 MC Amsterdam
Entree: on donation / a small fee for workshops

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