Living Labs

The Beach creates new visions and situations in the area of creative innovation. With participants, we translate new insights into community projects or organisational concepts and new (participatory) ways of working together. Cooperation with the best creative talent in design, art, science and business often yields unexpected but valuable perspectives.

We work(ed) for and with Amsterdam Smart City, Goods Design, Urbaniahoeve, Academy of Architecture, Reinwardt Academy, Ahead of the Game, De Kandidatenmarkt, Steim, Waag Society, Mediamatic, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Stadsdeel Nieuw-West, Lukas Community, Randstad, Ahrend, Rijkswaterstaat, Arts and Culture Noord-Holland, Ymere, Koers Nieuw West, Innovation Network, Pal West, Casa 400, Platform for Labour Market and Education (PAO), Oude Huygens / Far West, Holland Casino, ABN AMRO, Trimbos Institute, BPF Bouwinvest, Amvest, HKU, Kasteel Groeneveld / Ministry of Economic Affairs, Probiblio, THNK, and the Chamber of Commerce Netherlands, Premsela, Media4Me and ClickF1.

Co-design workshops and projects include:
- Exploring and imagining new possibilities, shifting perspectives.
- Design of future situations, environments.
- Making new crossovers and connections between organizations, sectors, disciplines.
- Organising participation and programming collaborations (of people and coalitions).
- Designing conditions of organisational culture, leadership and change.

Local venue
Since 2009 Garage Notweg and its local suburban environment in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is our home base.