Part of: Co-design in…, Tijd voor Wildeman

The Wildemanbuurt in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is part of the ambitious New European Bauhaus project DESIRE. The Beach and Samenwonen-Samenleven (SW-SL) are the Amsterdam partners in DESIRE. Together with the WESHARE coalition in the Wildeman neighborhood they take care of the co-design process. You can read how we work together in the DESIRE @ Wildeman manifest

DESIRE experiments with creating sustainable, attractive, and inclusive urban spaces which respect the limited resources of the planet, with the recycling of materials, and in interaction with citizens, artists, urban planners, contractors, builders, knowledge institutions, and other organisations. In short - DESIRE creates irresistible change.

DESIRE is one of the European Commission's six New European Bauhaus lighthouse demonstrators.

DESIRE will create a movement that sets new standards and develops methods for how Europe transforms existing urban spaces and creates new neighborhoods through urban development, renovation and construction with respect for the planet and for people's different ways of living.

DESIRE taps into 8 existing building projects and living labs in five countries. Here, we apply design methods in co-creation activities involving local residents - especially the next generation - and stakeholders. Voices from different professions will be involved to inspire, challenge, and qualify what we do. We apply digital engagement tools to collect ideas, images, and impressions from people who are connected to the place in various ways.

DESIRE is for anyone with a commercial, cultural, political, or scientific interest in transforming the built environment in Europe and beyond, and who sees a need for a new direction. 

DESIRE provides a learning kit and a learning environment based on principles of sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetics, which help policymakers take the right decisions, companies to engage and develop their businesses, and citizens to become engaged and empowered through a cross-disciplinary approach.

By the end of the two-year pilot period, DESIRE will have established and expanded a consortium of territorial organizations, coordinating organizations, facilitating organizations, and experts which in total make up a new ecosystem for urban transformational change. The project will enrich cities, communities of citizens, and policymakers with state-of-the-art transformative methodologies that will boost aesthetic, inclusive, and sustainable large-scale urban transformation.

This will serve as a foundation for scaling and disseminating solutions, methodologies, and learnings with the overall purpose of supporting the EU Horizon Europe mission of creating 100 climate-neutral and smart cities.

DESIRE focuses on three themes

Creating social and inclusive housing – where we address the need for inclusive processes in the circular transformation of social housing.

Transforming through symbiotic relationships – where we will focus on how to optimize the use of materials flow when rethinking urban landscapes in cities.

Reconciling cities with nature - where we will design livable habitats and functional ecosystems from a multispecies perspective while rebalancing ‘land use’ to accommodate resource generation and biodiversity.


EN-Funded by the EU-PANTONE