Shokkin Group

Shokking Group Netherlands is a foundation that focusses on the personal and social development of youth. Shokkin and The Beach work together intensively at, among other projects, Gangmakers.

Shokkin Group wants to bridge the gap between youth and their social and personal development. They want to help and stimulate them in this proces. Shokkin provides projects that make youth grow in their personal and social development, and (un)consciously teach them the knowledge they need to reach their personal goals.

Shokkin Group Netherlands was founded in 2016 by Samir El Hadaoui and Fouad Lakbir and offers different kinds of projects, both local and international. Creativity is used as a tool to reach the goals and to give the youth a change to express themselves. The local projects are very different and anticipate the needs and interests of the dutch youth. At international level they organise exchange projects in collaboration with Shokkin Group International. During the exchange projects the dutch participants come in contact with youth from all over Europe. The exchange project can be divided in two categories, namely youth exchange projects and traincourse projects.