Bureau Postjesweg

Bureau Postjesweg is a new art collective nearby the metro stop Postjesweg. It was founded by Iris Dik, Holger Nickisch and Heidi Vogels.

Bureau Postjesweg is a project space for visual arts with a local and international programme. The opening is planned for 2020. In 2019 Bureau Postjesweg was already part of 24H New West, a festival in the neighborhood, where they organised a garden expedition. While walking past green spaces, they discussed the changes in urban greenery in New West. From the modernist patios of the city monastery La Verna and the collective gardens of Van Eesteren to the future Spoorpark. From the wild garden of Thomasvaer, where nature takes its natural way, to the vegetable gardens in Pieternel situated at theformer water purification complex. Along the way artist Lyuba Matyunina surprised everyone with a performance elements from her project "I am a Tool of Gentrification".