STEIM is a international networklab for artistic experiments with music and sound. Their goal is to offer an infrastructure for makers and institutions, and their maintask is to do artistic research, talent development and presentations. Together with The Beach they are working on a researchprogramme themed ‘Slowdown’.

STEIM focuses on sound-art and performances: connections between sound, music and the physical space, digital acoustic objects and combine the past, present and future. In every context STEIM looks for ‘problemowners’ who are in need of an innovative perspective: the ability to be playfull, curious and from time to time be controversial and who have the necessary imagination. At the same time STEIM recognices that within these contexts, musicality is not isolated, and therefore it connects with adjacent disciplines, including product design and architecture. They work from a core that focuses on sound art, in which curiously experimenting with different kinds of musical forms is central. This takes places through applications and persceptions within architecture and product design, and aims at finding new ways of giving meaning in society. In co-operation with The Beach they are exploring the connections between making (music), e-culture and social design around themes such as stress, compassion, trust and community.