Tanja den Broeder

Artist and program maker.

Tanja is an artist, theatre maker, dancer/choreographer, ICT and program maker. She has worked for vary institutions, among other The Waag, Info.nl and Mediamatic. At the same time she is co-founder and owner of 3 foundations, namely Our Food (Ons Eten), foundation Edible Amsterdam (Eetbaar Amsterdam) and foundation Pek-O-Bello. She thinks htat culture is indispensable of our lives because it generates meaning, and if this was to disappear 'life woud be a dance in the dark'. Connection, culture, participation, nature, food and sustainability are returning themes for Tanja. Within these themes she has had different roles, including editorial, functional, interactive design, strategy and concept developer, marketing, project manager and teamleed. t this moment Tanja is, togehter with Gorkem Arikan and Guy Wood, working on a project called No Music, which is the result of a collaboration between STEIM and The Beach.