Teun Castelein


Teun is an artist and calls himself a 'one-man conglomerate'. With his projects he questions the function of the free market and the given that everyting has an economic value. His aim is to make people think about the things they normally do, without judgment, because everyting also has a downside. He graduated from the Sandberg Institution (Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) en teaches 'branding' at the Willem de Kooning (Rotterdam) and 'social dreaming' at the University of the Underground. For his graduation work he sold the facade of the instution as marketing spacem and gained a lot of attention with it. Together with The Beach he works on different projects. He is creating a reed atelier and carries out an artistic research on grass. Together with Leoniek Bontje and the Fred Foundation, he is working on diverse art projects concerning a healthy lifestyle.