Re-Design for the Era of Sustainism

PICNIC '12 lecture by Michiel Schwarz

Part of: PICNIC Festival 2012


IJpromenade 1, 1013 KT Amsterdam

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Sustainism marks a cultural movement in a world that’s more connected, localized and sustainable. Discover how it will shift our agendas for innovation, social change and design.

Sustainability and social good are the rising values of the 21st century. They herald a new era, coined “sustainism” by Joost Elffers and Michiel Schwarz. Sustainism marks a cultural movement and new perception of a world that is becoming more connected and localized, as well as more sustainable.

Being sustainist is much more than just going green. The mindset includes social and ecological sustainability, but also extends to connectivity, social media and open source. Sustainism is a culture of sharing, networking and co-creation. The rise of bottom-up initiatives and new forms of ownership are part of today’s wave of sustainism.

The sustainist perspective brings a new set of design criteria into focus. Qualities like sharing, connectedness, localism, and social and ecological responsibility will drive the next round of creativity, social innovation and design.