Social design and local narratives

Workshop Sustainist Design

Workshop Sustainist Design

Students from the Reinwardt Academy and the Academy of Architecture, participated in a workshop on sustainist design at Garage Notweg. The workshop was held by social designer and researcher Jogi Panghaal and cultural sociologist Michiel Schwarz and social designer Diana Krabbendam. With a focus on sustainist design the students organized ‘possibilities’ together with local residents to enhance the living environment of the Wildeman neigborhood in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Fifteen students worked in three teams (partly in collaboration with loacl residents0 to design 'activities' which would benefit the Wildeman neighborhood.

Neighborhood Jewels

Team Red developed plans to redesign the inner gardens between apartment blocks and make them into collective social spaces where residents can meet and connect. The students came up with the idea to use these places as a ‘market place’, where local qualities literally are being showcased.

Wildeman Festival

Inspired by the existing community gardens team blue created the idea of 'growing events' as a tool for community building, by using resident skills and interests. So they came up with a yearly circular festival program. This program involved neighborhood activities, bringing local children, residents, entrepreneurs local schools and community centers -and communities together.

The Hub Wildeman

Team Green took the challenge to make a dynamic tool for creating a community connecting location. That’s how they came up with The Hub: an online environment where people can post local activities and a collection of their memories in The Wildeman District. The goal was to enhance a bottom up movement for the residents which aims to enhance sustainable an social connectedness.

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