Garage Notweg

Creative hotspot in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Garage Notweg is a creative space in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The various participating organisations are involved with social and creative entrepreneurship.

In 2007, after a period of vacancy, youngsters of the Pal West fashion programme discovered the former Renault garage as a great place for their fashion show. Their event put the place on the agenda for cultural and creative activities. Housing crporation and owner Ymere developed the place with help of the City of Amsterdam (Bureau Broedplaatsen).

Locally and globally connected
Creative and social entrepreneurs from diverse cultural backgrounds run their studios in Garage Notweg. Along with residents they take initiative to development the neighbourhood in positive ways. The building offers simple and basic free floor space for small and medium-sized events. Participants are locals and parties from the Amsterdam area, the Netherlands and abroad. Garage Notweg transcends local qualities by its exemplary role in new approaches to 'inclusive' social transformation.

A colorful party
Organizations like LifeNetworks, the Candidate Market, Mexit, Goods, The Beach, Websecurify, Dine Dine Design, Creapalet, Bound by Craft, Natura Ingenium are located in Garage Notweg and work together where possible.