Plant your idea in Wieland

Part of: Tuinstadslab, Wieland, Rural labs

Looking for a good reason to go outside? Come and plant your idea in the Tuinen van West! The Beach is searching for artists to collaborate with in our rural art hub. We'll help you develop your idea, so that you can present it in September during the Tuinen van West Fest.

With this call for projects we want to explore together with artists what a rural art hub is (or can be), while simultaneously finding new ways to use our plot of land in the Tuinen van West. We are looking for ideas for art projects, both ripe and green ones, that fit into nature or the surrounding area. We'll offer support in the development of the ideas we like, and give some of them the opportunity to be presented during the Tuinen van West Fest and be realised on our plot of land.

What can we do for you? 

  • Provide space on our plot of land, or help you find a different location in the Tuinen van West
  • Help you think along to develop your idea further
  • Connect your idea to other entries
  • Connect you to people in our network
  • Help you find contact with people in Geuzenveld and Osdorp
  • Attract people via the Tuinen van West Fest

What do we need from you?

1. Planting: April 20th - June 1st

  • Come to Wieland - Draw your idea on a sign -  Take a picture - Post it on Instagram - Send extra info to

2. Growing: June 1st - September 13th

  • We'll share your idea, ask questions to make it more concrete, offer suggestions, connect you to possible collaborators, ask what you need to realise your idea. Doing this, we help you get your idea to the next level.

3. Harvesting: Tuinen van West Fest, September 13th

  • A selection of our favourite plans is presented at our harvesting festival Tuinen van West Fest

4. Execution: after Tuinen van West Fest

  • We are open and willing to help realising a selection of projects in Wieland

What is Wieland?

Wieland is a little plot of land we rent in Tuinen van West. It is the physical location from which we develop our rural art hub in the Tuinen van West. The goal of the rural hub is to bring together art, city and rurality. We make place for art projects which, for example, involve nature, circularity, (urban) farming, or the different cultures present in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

We are looking to explore the concept of a rural art hub, by seeing what it can do to help people. Through this exploration, we get a better image of a rural art hub's value, and by collaborating with more people we can better show the necessity of such a hub. This will make it easier for us to engage artists in other actors in future projects, allowing us to make even more space for art in the Tuinen van West.