unexpected ways of leisure in a changing environment

Hunnie (meaning 'them' in Dutch), is an investigating design project concerning new ways of leisure in a developing grass land area called De Bovenlanden in the Groene Hart, The Netherlands. Together with local craftsmen and their knowledge, Dutch public space designers Sophie Krier and Henriette Waal have developed a seasonal adventure-programme that searches for ways we can re-relate to nature.

Because of a governement run programme called Ecological Main structure, the area of De Bovenlanden has been appointed as ecological area in development. The programme not only implies changes to the flora and fauna in the area, but also means local inhabitants need to look at their living surroundings in a different light. Since the introduction of the programme in 2000, the latter has not always been without a fight.

And that is where Hunnie comes in. Hunnie aims to use local expertise and critical knowledge to find new ways of leisure in this changing environment. The end result of the seasonal adventure programme is a field working area and out door gear, specially designed from and for the polder landscape in De Bovenlanden (see the Showroom at for more info)

Hunnie Survival
On September 21 - 22 2013 Hunnie expands to a 24 hr event named Hunnie Overleven (Hunnie Survival). Within these 24 hrs, the general public is challenged to explore the area with locally guided adventures such as Fly Fishing, Clay Gathering, Hunting, Bird Watching and attending the Greenhouse Symposium (in an old abandoned greenhouse) called Polder zoekt Liefhebber -(Polder lovers unite): a search for the new role of humans in a changing natural environment. How can a computer generation re-connect to nature? What is this thing called New Farming?

Hunnie has invited (inter)national experts and critical thinkers such as Erik de Jong (Artis Zoo Professor), Clemens Driessen (PhD researcher), Marijke de Bie (Film+Design) and Brynjar Sigurdarson (Icelandic artist) to tackle these questions from an ecological and design point of view.

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