Kindermuseum inspiration

Everybody knows that children have a great, pure imagination which is not disrupted by many years of life experiences. Children see things which we adults don’t see anymore. They can find shapes and creatures hiding in the trees and on the street. They have also an easiness in creating things without fear that somebody won’t like it or judge it. That’s why they really know how to express themselves easily. And of course, for them there are no borders or impossible things. So why don’t set a museum on the moon?


During the children’s museum workshops they proved it once again. They made beautiful stories out of the pictures they took during the workshops. They saw aliens, hermits and deers sitting in the trees. They saw cars exploding in the windows. In their eyes a museum is a beautiful place where you can’t buy things but you can have fun, you can learn, watch and see a lot of new things. And what is necessary to create a museum? It is simple, all you need is: inspiration, place, people and an information point. It is also a good way to earn money and don’t forget to have spring paintings in your collection! These are just some pieces of their ideas. Finally they showed us how their collection should look like. The best place to find inspiration is in nature and the world around you, you just have to look around to find something that triggers you, find the beauty in simple things like for example: ov - chipkaarten, colors, nature, coins.

I have been working with the children since many years but still I found their imagination and expression amazing. Each time I am surprised by them! The way they think, the things they see, this wonderful shameless way of saying what they think. It is something adults can learn from them once again. By looking through the eyes of a child, I am sure it would make our world a more beautiful and funny place to live. And by creating such places as a Children’s Museum we can make this world come true.

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