Makers Unite is selected onto the shortlist of What Design Can Do

A committee of over 30 creative professionals and humanitarian experts announced the best of the What Design Can Do #RefugeeChallenge 2016. We are so proud to be part of the 25 selected projects of the total 631 entries!

What Design Can Do Shortlist

Challenge leader Dagan Cohen describes the hundreds of entries as “few pretty products, plenty of smart services”. “The bulk of entries clearly focus more on ethical and emphatic design and less on aesthetics, demonstrating that service design as a discipline is clearly on the rise”. ‘Remarkable’ adds Richard van der Laken, founder of What Design Can Do: “I was struck by the absence of cynicism displayed by the participating designers. They are optimistic and ready for action.

The shortlist will be on show during What Design Design Can Do Live, 30 June & 1 July. The next step will be that a jury picks 5 winners out of this shortlist of 25. Their names will be announced on 1 July, in Amsterdam.