Why a new method?

designing a hands-on method for social innovation

Onderdeel van: Sustainist Design Practice

After the publication of the Sustainist Design Guide we were asked by many parties: this is a mind opener, but how do you do it? That’s when we asked ciA. to partner with us and develop the Sustainist Design Method. It is created with help of many stakeholders and is still in the process of being tested and finalized. The publication consists of instruction cards and a guide. It will give you new insights and supports you through the process.

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But why a new method?

Although several methods are currently available to assist in giving shape to new products, services and systems; there is a gap from where design thinking brought innovation to where our society currently stands. The Sustainist Design Method offers methods & tools that will lead us to reconsider the status of our role in society, defining our co-responsibility for social issues and sustainability. This method encourages immediate involvement, bottom up engagement, iteration, real life prototyping and using co-creativity as a fundament. Therefore this method is a result of its own process. It is developed with people and in community. Taking into account every opinion gathered from stakeholders of this process. Designers are as crucial as every other member of society in this process.

Shape your own environment.

The design process is based on the emerging cultural, social and economic values characterising the societal shift we experience today. We’re witnessing new practices from urban farming, local citizen initiatives in the field of energy production to healthcare and education, DIY workshops and markets, sharing platforms for goods and know-how.

Sustainist design can benefit this ‘movement’ and a vast range of interested parties. From communities willing to shape their living environment collaboratively, to private companies aiming for meaningful and conscious solutions for their businesses.