What is it?

Sustainist Design Method

Onderdeel van: Sustainist Design Practice

The goal of the Sustainist Design Method is to build a growing platform to strengthen approaches for social innovation where knowledge about sustainist design and co-creation can be shared. It brings together interested parties allowing this conscious design process to develop and grow.

The Sustainist Design Method.

We must take responsibility for the world we live in, and we can only do that by re-designing the way we think about the world, in collaboration. The Sustainist Design Method will give you new insights and supports you through the process embracing values like sharing, proportionality, localism and connectedness.

What can it mean to you?

  • Connecting minds, skills and disciplines
  • Collaborative development
  • Learning methods like design thinking, placemaking, and storytelling
  • New perspectives on business opportunities
  • Building new social systems and sustainable structures
  • A democratic approach based on equality
  • Learning from everyday practice by involving stakeholders
  • Unraveling underlying issues
  • Discover core qualities for your organisation
  • Understanding the value of creating together
  • Discovering talents and developing skills
  • Develop a “maker” mentality